The Elevate Data Summit specifically welcomes professionals in fields related to data science, data engineering, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. It is particularly suited for individuals responsible for data preparation processes, including ingestion, storage, orchestration, and delivery, aimed at category management and shopper insights teams. Category managers involved in these processes are also highly encouraged to join.

While direct discounts are not available, CMA members with unused annual conference registrations can apply them to the Elevate Data Summit. Furthermore, we are offering an Early Bird Discount of $200 to make attendance more accessible.

In response to our members’ concerns about the rapid evolution within our industry, especially regarding AI, we initiated the Elevate Data Summit. This event is designed to engage teams directly affected by these changes, expanding our reach beyond our usual audience.

Unlike the Annual Conference, which focuses on sales, Elevate is crafted as a learning experience. It features hands-on sessions, roundtable discussions, and unique activities like the Microsoft Hackathon, allowing participants to dive deep into technology with industry experts.

This summit targets the misalignment coexisting between proper data management and common retail and CPG professionals (Category Managers, Space Planners, etc.) The goal of Elevate Data is to bridge this gap, teaching retail professionals how to manage their datasets successfully and just as efficiently as their technology counterparts. Additionally, data experts will have the ability to pinpoint potential retail client’s daily pain points and expand their business scope. Here, data scientists and retail professionals will learn to fluently speak the same language.
For the Hackathon, Microsoft will set up the environment, and participants are expected to bring their data. Microsoft partners are formulating the data criteria for the event. For those lacking the required data level, ARC will help source suitable information to ensure everyone can participate. Details will be provided shortly.