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Get your Brand Front and Center at the Elevate Data Summit

ARC recognizes that the power of data and analytics transcends industry boundaries. It’s a universal language that unites commerce, drives innovation, and offers sustainable solutions for the challenges of our times. This convergence is why we believe that sponsoring, attending, and actively participating in this event holds immense value for you.

CMA SIMA Conference

This is more than just brand exposure;
it’s a strategic investment in the future of retail

This event serves as a pivotal meeting ground for professionals and organizations across the retail, CPG, manufacturing, distribution, brokerage sectors & M&A, among others. It’s a forum where data suppliers and technology solution providers, whether established giants or innovative startups, can unlock a world of opportunities.

Depth vs. Breadth

This event allows for deeper, more meaningful interactions and learning experiences, as opposed to the broader, more superficial engagements at tradeshows.

Brand Positioning

By participating in this summit, technology solutions and data providers position themselves as thought leaders and educators, not just vendors, which can be a powerful differentiator in the market.

Diverse Perspectives

The Elevate Data summit provides the environment to gain insights from a broader range of perspectives, including competitors, partners, and clients, which you might not encounter at your own or other industry events. Be a part of the discussions vs simply viewed as a selling vendor.

Educational Impact

Presentation case studies educates current and potential clients about the practical applications and benefits of your data and toolsets, in a more nuanced way than possible in a tradeshow booth.

Collaborative Environment

This summit intends to foster a collaborative atmosphere, encouraging open dialogue and potential partnerships, which can be more conducive to long-term business relationships than the transactional environment of tradeshows.

Long-Term ROI

While tradeshows and user conferences might offer immediate leads, the relationships and brand reputation built in this summit can have a more significant long-term return on investment.

The Innovation Hall is Taking Shape


Complimentary, Not Competitive

Specialized Theme

The ARC Elevate Data Summit has a specific focus on retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG), technology and data sets which might be different from the broader themes of other conferences.

Collaborative Forums

Unlike larger conference formats, this summit is an opportunity to engage in more intimate, collaborative forums like Ignite roundtable discussions, leading to deeper connections.

The Power of Neutral Ground

The Summit acts as a neutral platform, attracting a diverse group of attendees, including potential customers who might not attend a company-specific conference.

Focused Audience

This summit will attract attendees who are specifically interested in the subject matter, resulting in more relevant and engaged leads.

The 2024 Elevate Data Summit brings together leading minds to explore the latest breakthroughs in data-driven strategies and AI-powered solutions. As a sponsor, you gain unparalleled access to this influential audience and showcase your expertise to decision-makers seeking powerful new tools.

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