Announcing the 2024 Elevate Hackathon

Unleash your innovation at our exclusive hackathon, where you’ll transform visionary ideas into reality with Microsoft’s leading engineers and architect teams. Guided by Microsoft Architects and Data Engineers, dive deep into Azure OpenAI API to craft AI-driven Smart Shopping Assistant solution. Using YOUR datasets, build functional prototypes gaining hands-on experience, this event is your arena to demonstrate technical prowess and business impact. Elevate your confidence in your solution’s feasibility and design, all while shaping the future of technology. Join us to redefine what’s possible!

Included with your registration, no additional fees.

Hackathon sponsored by Microsoft

Who Should Participate:

Participation of key roles is necessary for the overall success and delivery of this engagement.

  • Solution Architects
  • Data Engineers
  • ML Engineers
  • Data Scientists

Format & How it works: Full Day Event

Registered participants will receive information on curating the best dataset for the event. If not readily available a similar like category or industry dataset will be provided.


  • Introduction and kick-off.
  • Review the solution architecture design.
  • Implement a small-scale version (POC) of design.
  • Reflect on learnings and review the next step plan.

The Proof of Concept can help you envision the top capabilities of Azure OpenAI, that can include:

Build Intelligent AI Applications | Summarization & Content Generation

Build Intelligent
AI Applications | Summarization & Content Generation

Learn how to use the Azure OpenAI service to create AI powered solutions.

Enterprise Search & Knowledge mining

Accelerate the deployment of a Python-based Knowledge Mining solution with AzureOpenAI and use that engine to answer queries / questions specific to that Knowledge Base.

Natural Language Processing (Chat) with Data

This sample demonstrates a few approaches for creating ChatGPT-like experiences over your own data using the Retrieval Augmented Generation pattern. It uses AzureOpenAIService to accesstheChatGPT, and Azure Cognitive Search for data indexing and retrieval.

Why to participate:

Ramp Up:

Begin with an immersive learning experience to grasp key concepts and principles vital for deploying your solution.

Deploy Proof-of-Concept:

Bring your vision to life with a functional, small-scale Proof of Concept, showcasing your solution’s potential.

Evaluate and Learn:

Assess the viability of your deployed solution, learning what it takes to scale your design to meet full-scale needs effectively.

This hackathon is more than an event; it’s a pivotal moment for developers, engineers, and innovators ready to challenge the status quo.

Whether you’re aiming to refine your technical skills, explore the capabilities of Azure and AI, or present a solution that could revolutionize your industry, this hackathon offers the platform to shine. With invaluable guidance from a Microsoft Architect and the chance to work alongside peers who share your passion for technology, the Azure Architecture Hackathon is your arena to showcase innovation, creativity, and technical excellence.